Desktop Intray 2.1

Drag and Drop files into Desktop Intray and watch how the program sorts files by extension Type. You can drag 1000's of files at a time into the Desktop Intray folder and in seconds it will create sub-directories based on file names you configure.

Desktop Intray 2.1

Like me you save everything to your Desktop!You download an application, you save a spreadsheet, you create a word document and save it to your desktop, you download something in acrobat, you save an image from a website or document, and before you know it your desktop looks like a war zone - and you cannot find anything.

You could just drag and drop files and folders onto a single folder sitting on your desktop. Then WHAT IF you could have it organize all your different files and folders into their own sub-folders! You know like an Intray sitting on your desk, only this time it sits there on your desktop.

FEATURES of the Desktop Intray File Manager Software

-) Installs Quickly, Creates a folder on your desktop call Desktop Intray

-) The program sits in your System Tray for easy access

-) Configure it to check your Desktop Intray folder at certain intervals

-) Simply Drag and Drop Files and Folders

-) Automatically Sorts Your Folder for You Based on Your Settings

-) Add additional extensions and folder mappings

-) Easy Backup of Your Desktop Intray Folder


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